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Meet my #1 supporter, Isaiah from PCH! 

Isaiah is the strongest, bravest, and the most talented kid I know!  Even through all of tribulations in his life, there's nothing stopping him from doing what he loves to do, for one; making his own music!  He inspires me to be better, and I realize why I do what I do. 

Thank you again for your love & support, and let's together spread the love!          


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Thank you for supporting the PCHF and our dedicated team at KM!  With each ticket you purchase, your contribution includes one free gift from PCH, and an entry to win this custom 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass built by KuRush Motorsports. 

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ONLY 2,500 Tickets being released and no limit on number of entries. 

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Updated May 31, 2017

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